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MP 2001L

Mesin fotocopy black white RICOH MP 2001 L

Fotocopy RICOH MP 2001 L

Kami selaku Team Marketing dari CV Central Jaya (dealer resmi) Mesin Photocopy Digital Multi Function dengan merek RICOH, bermaksud mengajukan penawaran Mesin 

Photocopy Digital Multi Function RICOH Aficio Series. Adapun keunggulan mesin tersebut adalah sebagai berikut :

Documen diproduksi dengan teknologi Twin Laser Beam dimana hanya membutuhkan satu kali proses Scanning document untuk hasil copy berapapun jumlahnya. ( Scan Once to 

Copy Many )

Dapat juga berfungsi sebagai Printer yang dapat di operasikan langsung dari computer baik secara Single Print ataupun Network Printing. Dapat juga berfungsi sebagai 

Scanner yang dapat men-Scan document dengan resolusi 600dpi dan dapat dikirim ke alamat E-mail yang dituju maupun ke Folder pada Komputer User. ( Scan to E-Mail / Scan 

to Folder )

Dapat mencetak bolak – balik secara otomatis.

Membantu dalam melakukan proses copy rangkap yang dapat mensorting document secara otomatis.

Dilengkapi dengan Hardisk yang dapat menyimpan form – form yang rutin dipergunakan ( Contoh : Form Cuti, Surat Dinas Luar, Price List, dll ) yang dapat di cetak setiap 

ingin menggunakan sehingga dapat meminimalisasikan penggunaan kertas. 

Dilengkapi dengan Password maupun User Code yang dapat mengontrol penggunaan copier, printer & Scanner maupun fax.

Dengan adanya fitur – fitur tersebut kami harapkan dapat meningkatkan produktivitas dan efisiensi kerja pada perusahaan anda.

Continuous output speed 20 ppm
Console 1 paper tray
Memory Standard: 128 MB
Dimensions (WxDxH) 587 x 568 x 430 mm
Weight 37 kg
Power source 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Resolution 600 dpi
Zoom From 50% to 200%
Printer language Standard: GDI
Resolution 600 dpi 
Interface Standard: USB 2.0
Option: Ethernet 10 base-T/100 base-TX (DDST Unit)
Network protocol Standard: TCP/IP (IP v4), IPP
Windows® environments Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® XP, 
Windows® Server 2003, Windows® Server 2008, 
Windows® Server 2008R2
UNIX environments OPEN SUSE (KDE & Gnome): v12.1
Ubuntu (Gnome): v11.1
Kubuntu (KDE): v11.1
Scan speed Full colour: Maximum 6 originals per minute
B/W: Maximum 17 originals per minute
Resolution Maximum: 600 dpi
Bundled drivers TWAIN, SANE, Network TWAIN (Option)
Interface Standard: USB 2.0
Option: Ethernet 10-base-T/100 base-TX (DDST Unit)

B&W Multifunctionals
Economical and productive MFP for busy workgroups

The Ricoh MP 2001L supports more efficient ways of working. With A3 printing, copying and colour scanning as standard, they do the work of several machines. Yet take 

up a fraction of the space and are more energy-efficient and economical to run. Perfect for busy workgroups, it is also highly productive. Fast print speeds and a 

rapid first page to print keep work flowing, while multi-tasking prevents bottlenecks. The colour scanner gives you scope to enhance processes further through 

electronic workflows and paperless archiving. Offering advanced features and economical operation, the Ricoh MP 2001L is ideal devices for the modern workplace.

The Ricoh MP 2001L makes light of heavy workloads. It prints at up to 25ppm and produce its first page in just 6.5 seconds. A colour scanner converts paper originals 

into electronic formats for faster document processing and distribution. From A3 output to digital archiving, these versatile MFPs will enhance the productivity of any 


The MFP is an economical, space-efficient alternative to single function printer, copier and scanner. It provides everything a workgroup needs in one compact, shared 

device. Energy efficient operation helps you reduce electricity bills and shrink your carbon footprint. The Ricoh MP 2001L includes automatic doublesided printing to 

save paper.

Busy workgroups will welcome the intuitive operation panel and clear 4-line display. All functions are designed to be easy to access for maximum productivity. There is 

even a designated ID Copy button for copying passports and ID cards. Front access simplifies MFP maintenance and jam clearance.

Automatic double-sided printing is included as a standard feature. Printing on both sides of the page saves money and cuts carbon emissions. It can reduce the amount 

of space needed for filing and enables you to project a more professional image. To maximise savings and encourage best practice, make double-sided printing the 

default setting.

High-speed colour scanning lets you improve document processes and reduce your reliance on paper. Use it to capture everything from expenses receipts and 

correspondence to sales orders and invoices. Share documents digitally for faster workflows and enjoy lower printing and postage costs.

The Ricoh MP 2001L is designed for walk-up convenience and efficient operation. Large buttons and a clear four-line display ensure even the most complex operations are 

simple to execute. The use of different coloured plastics on the MFP’s operating panel, outer casing and built-in output tray adds to its ease of use.

The clever cube design is ideal for the smallest offices. Remarkably compact for A3 device, the MFP can be placed on a table or desktop. Alternatively, choose a 

floor-standing configuration with extra paper trays. Front access lets you position the device exactly where it is needed and enables easy maintenance.

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