Mesin Fotocopy Berwarna RICOH MP C2003 SP

Mesin Fotocopy Berwarna RICOH MP C2003 SP

Mesin Fotocopy Berwarna RICOH MP C2003 SP

Berikut ini adalah spesifikasi teknis Mesin Fotocopy Berwarna RICOH MP C2003 SP :

Warm up time:19 seconds
First output speed:Full colour: 7.6 seconds
 B/W:5.4 seconds
Continuous output speed:Full colour: 20 ppm
 B/W: 20 ppm
Memory:Standard: 1.5GB 
 Maximum: 2GB (Optional)
 HDD: 250GB
Dimensions (W x D x H):587 x 685 x 788 mm (excluding ARDF)
Power source:220 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Copying process:Dry electrostatic transfer system
Multiple copying:Up to 999 copies
Resolution:600 dpi
Zoom:From 25 to 400% (in 1% steps)
Printer language:Standard: PCL5c, PCL6, PDF direct print,
 Mediaprint (JPEG/TIFF)
Option:Adobe® PostScript® 3™, IPDS, PictBridge
Resolution:Max 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
Interface:Standard: USB 2.0, SD slot, Ethernet 10
 base-T/100 base-TX, Ethernet 1000 Base-T
 Bi-directional IEEE1284, Wireless LAN
 (IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth
Network protocol:Standard: TCP/IP (IP v4, IP v6)
 Optional: IPX/SPX
Windows® environments:Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® Server2003, Windows® Server2003R2, Windows®
 Server 2008, Windows® Server 2008R2,
 Windows® Server 2012
Mac OS environments:Mac OS X Native: v.10.5 or later
UNIX environments:UNIX Sun® Solaris, HP-UX, SCO
 OpenServer, RedHat® Linux Enterprise,
Novell® Netware® environments:v6.5
SAP® R/3® environments: SAP® R/3®
Scan speed:Full colour/B/W: Maximum 54 ipm
Resolution:Standard: 600 dpi
 Maximum: 1,200 dpi (TWAIN)
File format:TIFF, JPEG, PDF, High compression PDF, PDF-A
Bundled drivers:Network TWAIN
Scan to e-mail:SMTP,POP, IMAP4
Scan to folder:SMB, FTP, NCP
Circuit:PSTN, PBX
Compatibility:ITU-T (CCITT) G3
Modem speed:Maximum 33.6 Kbps
Resolution:Standard:  8 x 3.85 line/mm, 200 x 100dpi, 
 8 x 7.7 line/mm, 200 x 200 dpi,
 Option:       8 x 15.4 line/mm, 16 x 15.4 line/mm, 
 400 x 400 dpi
Compression method:MH, MR, MMR, JBIG
Transmission speed:G3: 2 second(s)
Memory capacity:Standard:  4 MB
 Maximum: 28 MB


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